Young Daze (Acoustic)

by Travis Hayes

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released October 28, 2014

Written by Travis Hayes
Recorded live at PST Studios in San Francisco, CA
Produced by Travis Hayes and Bozho Lasich
Engineered and Mixed by Bozho Lasich
Mastered by Jonathan Burnside
Design by Leslie Hampton
Photography by Dennis Busse

Travis Hayes: Guitar, Vocals and Harmonica

© 2014 Travis Hayes. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


Travis Hayes San Francisco

Travis Hayes isn’t the type to wear emotions on his sleeve. He saves that for his songs- brutally honest most of the time, and endearingly heartfelt all the time. Hayes echoes the earnestness of Springsteen, the pop sensibility of Petty, and the raw emotion of Ryan Adams. ... more


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Track Name: Young Daze (Acoustic)
clear my head / it’s not over yet / a few more drinks and i’ll be home again / this small town heart / oh these big city dreams / there’s another world out there for me / but all i know is letting go / all i know is letting go / put a record on / until i fall asleep / i want to dream about rock n roll and james dean / but it’s not happening / i’m fading fast / the last thing i remember is the bottom of that glass / all i know is letting go / all i know is letting go / oh no / i’m coming home / oh no / can’t go this alone / oh no / all i know is i need you
Track Name: Follow Me Home (Acoustic)
i told her once i told her twice / not to run around with guys like him / though she never no she never / never listens to guys like me / i’m tired of being ignored / when i’ve got so much i need to say / follow me home / can’t stand another night lying here alone / on my own again that’s right my friend / i’m alone too / i’m alone tonight / but that’s quite alright / i’ve been dreaming of you / i’m alone too / i’m alone tonight / but that’s quite alright / i’ve been drinking for two / follow me home / can’t stand another night lying here alone / on my own again that’s right my friend / follow me home / take all my money and never call my phone / i’m alive and well / well ain’t that hell
Track Name: Take Me Home (Acoustic)
i would try to take you home with me / but i know just what you'd say / forget you and all your bullshit lines / they’ll never ever work on me / i need you to know i'm not desperate and alone / i just want your company / but fuck me and all these rehearsed lies / they’ve never done much for me / take me home / take me away / take me home / make me okay / cause i’m not okay / no i’m not okay
Track Name: Bath Salts (Acoustic)
restless nights losing sleep / taking pills just to try and keep these memories at bay / crazy thoughts up in my head about how i’d like to see him dead / i’m a gentleman or so i thought / oh no / far away but not far from me / i’ll hunt him down and i’ll eat his meat / i’m a cannibal for his carrion greed / i’ll take his bones and i’ll build a house / then i’ll burn it down just to show him how evil good men can be / oh no / i took my time / planned it out / revenge is sweet / followed through / made things right / you get what you get you fucking creep
Track Name: Wayfarer (Acoustic)
took the boat out on the water / sailed out past the breakers / drifting further out to sea / out here it’s just you and me / just you and me girl / now we live in separate homes / convinced ourselves that we’re better off alone / every time you try and hide those eyes / i cannot help but think of you and all our wasted life / all along / i knew it all along / yes i knew it / i knew it all along / heart beating / it’s racing / i swear that i knew it all along
Track Name: Towns Like These (Acoustic)
took my hopes and dreams and bottled them away / set out along the lonely highway / that empty road ahead has been calling out my name / they say a life worth living means nothing until you’ve lived / well i’ve been around towns like these / and there ain’t no comparing / one day i’ll find my way back / pray to god it’s not too late / set my worries aside and learned to fall in love / with the never ending miles and starlight above / oh the strangest towns can capture your heart / and when you land back home you’ll wish it was only the start / won’t close these eyes though i know it’s late / another drink or two until i fade away / a million miles from home thank the good lord i was raised right / it’s been a pleasure meeting you and sharing these whiskey nights
Track Name: Twenty Nothing (Acoustic)
another day another problem / we drink for fun but that ain’t no solution / we’re just young and broke / tied to some hope that things might change / a part-time and a part-time / don’t exactly compensate for the fun times / full time’s a joke when your pay check leaves you broke / and your friends are all out buying coke / we all think that we’re tough as shit / but really we’re just tragically hip / rock n roll is all but dead / pop songs dissolve in our heads / do you remember when our dads were young / the 70’s seemed so much fun / but now we’re falling fast calling to some past / well i was born i was born to run / i don’t know what you’ve been told / i don’t know what the future holds / when you find it out will you let me know / i’m so down and out i’m about to blow / i don’t know how we ended up here / i don’t know but this i know is clear / we’re running in circles / just running in circles / running in circles with our heads cut right off
Track Name: Teen Haze (Acoustic)
i don’t know oh where to go / when it’s all been said and done / though it was fun my head’s spinning / i was wrong to think it was right / it’s never right to wrong / so long i’m gone / yeah i’m leaving / say goodbye to that teenage haze / say goodbye / young days oh they’ll fade and the night will come / you’ll learn it’s your turn to forget what you’ve done / so let go and you’ll sew all the seeds that you need / to get by live a lie / hope’s a liability / say goodbye to that teenage haze / say goodbye / oh no / i don’t know / say goodbye / say goodbye to that teenage haze / this tale’s been told before / and i’ll tell it once again / our dreams are all but spent / this too you soon will learn my friend
Track Name: Honest Men (Bonus Track)
i am a good man / and have been most my life / though naive to the evil / hid deep inside some people / like a good friend and ex-lover / hell bent on keeping secrets under covers / oh lord i’m afraid it’s true / now i won’t be made a fool on all accounts / see i loved her then he fucked her / right after she fucked me over / the only problem beyond reason / lies in the unforgiving truth / when i see them again i swear i’ll shove it down their goddamn throats / cause lord i’m an honest man / oh lord i’m an honest man / i hope that they both lie / alone in the middle of the night / and realize the damage that hides behind both their eyes / the mistrust and disgust is bound to catch on up / while they’re lying face down in the filth where they made their own bed / lord i’m an honest man
Track Name: Dammit (Cover)
it's alright to tell me / what you think about me / i won't try and argue / or hold it against you / i know that you're leaving / you must have your reasons / the season is calling / your pictures are falling down / the steps that i retrace / the sad look on her face / the timing and structure / did you hear who fucked her / a day late a buck short / i'm writing the report / on losing and failing / when i move i'm flailing now / it happened once again / i'll turn to a friend / someone that understands / sees through the master plan / everybody's gone / and i've been here for too long / to face this on my own / well i guess this is growing up / maybe i'll see you / at a movie sneak preview / you'll show up and walk by / on the arm of that guy / and i'll smile and you'll wave / we'll pretend it's okay / the charade it won't last / when he's gone / i won't come back