Love Songs

by Travis Hayes

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released March 31, 2015

Written by Travis Hayes
Recorded at PST Studios in San Francisco, CA
Produced by Travis Hayes and Bozho Lasich
Engineered and Mixed by Bozho Lasich
Mastered by Piper Payne
Photography by Sara Sanger
Design by Leslie Hampton

Travis Hayes: Guitar and Vocals
Emily Whitehurst: Vocals
Misha Khalikulov: Cello
Nahuel Bronzini: Cello Arrangement

© 2015 Travis Hayes. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


Travis Hayes San Francisco

Travis Hayes isn’t the type to wear emotions on his sleeve. He saves that for his songs- brutally honest most of the time, and endearingly heartfelt all the time. Hayes echoes the earnestness of Springsteen, the pop sensibility of Petty, and the raw emotion of Ryan Adams. ... more


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Track Name: Kate's Song
some people pray while others just lie / alone at night searching for the light / he was heaven on earth or so they say / but i found mine in a pair of blue green eyes / i’m in love with loving you until the end / times are tough enough without losing a friend / tired of running / tired of the chase / but that don’t mean you and i can’t run away / been a few places that i’d surely see again / send home photos with you and me in them
Track Name: Megan's Song
i love you now as i will the day that i die / while others may flee or fault honey no not i / see darling dear i’ll be standing here till i’m lying down in that ground / and that cold wet dirt won’t sting nor hurt cause i will have left loving you / i love you / oh i love you / i love you oh honey yes i do / i love you oh lord i swear it’s true / this sentiment i swear it’s meant / even as a three word sentence / and this rhetoric though generic / means more to me than i’ve ever known it to
Track Name: Night Swimming (feat. Emily Whitehurst)
honey please close your eyes / we can leave it all behind / in the morning it’ll be fine / and if it’s not we’ll take some time / let down your guard / you’re not the only one sharing half a heart / we all need a remedy / for what aches and ails this uncertainty / i’ll admit i’m not always right / but that don’t mean i should quit / you and i we’re swimming through the night / chasing the glow of that moonlight